Vicky Chow (photo via Facebook)

Vicky Chow (photo via Facebook)

Each week the CMJ staff sifts through thousands of radio playlists that contribute to the weekly CMJ charts. In the Chart Discovery column, we highlight exciting artists, albums and songs brought to our attention by the charts of our reporting panel of college and non-commercial radio stations. This round’s picks come via KTRU in Houston, TX, WRUV in Burlington, VT, and WUOG in Athens, GA.

Vicky Chow on KTRU

It isn’t often that classical music gets the love it deserves on college radio; in a world of alternative Radio 200 indie darlings, it is easy to get lost. However, Vicky Chow certainly demonstrates why the genre can be loved again, in a new way. Combining traditional influences with a deep talent and understanding of her craft, Chow introduces electronic technique to complicate and elevate classical music to a 2015 level that has a place in college radio.

Shokazoba on WRUV

Sometimes a record really can wake you up from whatever slump you’re in, and make you feel refreshed. For an amateur of New World music like myself, Shokazoba is perfect; the band’s music is succinct, exciting, and new and makes you want to listen to the genre for a deeper understanding of these sounds.

Jo RB Jones on WUOG

One can never get enough good quality indie rock, this is college radio after all. Jo RB Jones provides just the right balance of harmonies, guitar melodies, and steady drums to make some super cute songs. With that ideal bedroom sound, tracks like “Spinnin” and “Arrows” are perfect for your next night in/melancholic subway ride.

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