Flatbush Zombies – Photo by Greg Shotti Morgan

The line stretched around the block to get into Santos Party House, and if that was any indication of what the scene was like inside, it was important to brace for pure chaos. Vice and Noisey curated a New York-centric lineup that attracted quite a crowd, and Flatbush Zombies were without a doubt the ones to see. It’s almost like the group came out of nowhere, and after their video for “Thug Waffles” went viral earlier this year, the buzz hasn’t stopped generating.
Queens natives Children Of The Night took the stage to a packed house and kicked things off with a fresh and aggressive set that constantly demanded audience participation. The three MCs—Lansky Jones, Remy Banks and Nasty Nigel—are a part of a larger circle of rappers that go by the name of World’s Fair, and halfway through the set the entire collective was on stage. Doomy beats accompanied by the occasional horns found a home in almost every song, and it was evident that true fans were in the building. “86 Mets” suddenly turned into a surround-sound experience with people all across the venue rapping along to every word. Things eventually got so heated that shirts were lost by the three core MCs during the closing song.
After what seemed like an eternal struggle to clear the stage, and a little hype man action chanting “Flatbush Zombies” in the midst of it all, the headliners finally appeared. A group that is known for its love of weed and interesting spiritual take on life, Zombie Juice crept up on stage and knelt front and center, with just his big beard peeking out of the towel resting on his head. Repeatedly asking the audience to “open your mind,” the set quickly switched gears to “Fucked Up.” “I’m married to the marijuana!” they shouted, jumping up and down, until Meechy Darko couldn’t take it anymore and stage dove, losing his gold grill in the process. The MCs followed up with crowd favorites “Laker Paper” and of course, “Thug Waffles,” to what seemed like a satisfied group of fans. Flatbush Zombie definitely came through and translated their viral hype into a serious show that did not disappoint.
Photos by Greg Shotti Morgan
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