Self-described “minimalist” punk musician Vex Ruffin just debuted a video for the new “Losing Control” single. Vex Ruffin has already garnered pretty significant attention for the release of “Losing Control” on a playable 45RPM postcard.

The music video itself is a nod to the retro style Vex Ruffin is slowly but surely constructing for himself. The video was shot with a camera that looks like it belongs in 1986. The locations on shoot include someone’s backyard, a public playground and a living room with a lone mattress propped up against the wall. Oh, and the video also features black labs, snails and a guy in a gorilla mask on bongos. Vex Ruffin himself has a great presence whether he’s gesticulating along with the music or duct taping a helmet to his head.

Vex Ruffin’s debut EP is set to release on Stones Throw this July, and he already has a full-length scheduled for release at the end of 2011. Stay tuned to Vex Ruffin’s blog for spontaneous show announcements.