Photo by Adela Loconte

Good news for anyone who spent all of yesterday plastering “Free Fiona” all over the internet: Fiona Apple is free. News broke yesterday that singer had been arrested at a “routine” check of her tour bus in Sierra Blanca, TX, for possession of hashish and was being held at the Hudspeth County Jail. Today, TMZ reports that Apple spent the night in jail and was released earlier today on $10,000 bond.
According to the Hudspeth County police department, Apple freely admitted that the drugs found on the bus (.01 pounds of weed and .01 pounds of hash) were hers after they were discovered in a blue backpack by the officers’ drug-sniffing dogs.
The singer has spoken about medicating her anxiety with marijuana and hashish in the past, even smoking hash in front of a reporter this fall, so the arrest, while certainly surprising, shouldn’t be a revelation to longtime fans.
There’s been no official word on how or if this arrest will have an effect on the rest of Apple’s ongoing tour North American tour.
Check out the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for Apple’s “Fast As You Can,” below.