Can an album have too many hooks? On its sophomore album, Chicago power-pop group Unicycle Loves You attempts to answer that question by stuffing every song full of twitchy harmonies, squiggly pianos parts, shifting time-signatures and giant, widescreen hooks. Singer/guitarist Jim Carroll and bassist/vocalist Nicole Vitale streamline and sometimes flatten a laundry list of ’90s and early ’00s indie rock tics—New Pornographer’s eccentric vocal melodies and bits of Belle And Sebastian-esque twee whimsy awkwardly segue into sugary, not-so-Bloody Valentine breakdowns. It’s all very cute and charming, but the band is at its best when it zeros in on a single concept and executes it with precision, as on the spiky, guitar-driven “Mountain Lungs” or the lovely “There’s A Giant Walking In My Heart.”