Rock duos are pumping out bluesy hits left and right, but the two ladies of the Pack A.D. are hoping to leave comparisons to the Kills and the White Stripes in their rear-view mirror with the release of their fourth studio album Unpersons—if only they had a rear-view mirror. After a grueling tour schedule (157 shows in 2009 alone), drummer Maya Miller and vocalist/guitarist Becky Black returned from France to find that their tour bus Falcon was no longer. However, even without a van, the Pack A.D. is going somewhere.
Unpersons, out September 20 via Mint, is the third album the Pack A.D. recorded in Hive Studios. With the help of Jesse Gander (Japandroids) as engineer and Jim Diamond (the White Stripes) as producer, the Vancouver garage rock duo crafted an album of grinding post-punk in just over a month. According to the band, the Pack A.D. is moving away from the blues-based garage rock of other existing duos out there (see: first paragraph), allowing the duo to carve its own path and its own sound.
On top of the creation and release of Unpersons, the Pack A.D. has kept busy, planning tours in North America and Europe in the coming months. In October, Miller and Black will bring their raucous, shouting-and-beer rock party to New York for this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.
Stream Unpersons in its entirety below, and download this month’s CMJ Mixtape to grab the Pack A.D.’s track “Sirens” in the bundle.
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