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We previously covered the U.S. Air Guitar Championship, Brooklyn Qualifiers at St. Vitus back in May, and now we have the East Coast Regionals featuring the top three finalists from the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and Boston competitions, along with some of the Boston hosts. There were 16 competitors, but only the top five with the best scores would move on to the continuing round.
Anyone familiar with the NYC air guitar scene is familiar with annual attendees G. Tso Money, Mathromancer, Windhammer, Ricky Stinkfinger and 2012 World Champion, Airistotle. But there were some impressive newcomers who came down from Boston. After all 16 airists performed their one minute-long song and were duly judged, the top five moving on were G. Tso Money, Windhammer and Rockupine (all tied for 3rd), Smiley Rod, and finally Ricky Stinkfinger and Airistotle again tied for 1st.
In the final round there is a compulsory song that each contestant must complete, once again rated on skill, technicality and “airness,” something that the better performing airists can perfect since they get to see everyone else go before them. With the judges a few beers in at this point, some fair and unfair scores were being tossed around, everyone trying their best to land within the top three to move on to the U.S. National Qualifier in Kansas City. Ultimately, Airistotle reigned supreme yet again, 0.1 point shy from a perfect 666 score coming in first, Ricky Stinkfinger coming in 2nd and Smiley Rod with a very impressive performance coming in 3rd. Windhammer, sadly, came in 4th with less-deserved poor scores, but perhaps there’s a way he can be chosen as a wild card to still compete in the Kansas City finals.
All in all, it was an always exciting and fun night watching our east coast air guitar brothers fight on!
Photos by Alix Piorun.