Ty Segall is addicted to making records. The Cali native released three different albums in 2012—Ty Segall And White Fence’s sprawling Hair, the Ty Segall Band’s feral Slaughterhouse and plain old Ty Segall’s reflective Twins—and today he announced that he will be releasing a new piece of work dubbed Sleeper on August 20 via Drag City. He also has an album due out with his side project Fuzz later this year. Jeeze, only two albums? Segall must be going through writer’s block.
Judging from goofy trailer Segall released today, Sleeper promises to be a quirky one. The video features a sedated Segall sleeping in various uncomfy places, including a tree, his van and his front yard. Wake up dude! Gotta get back to putting out three albums in a year! Check it out below.