Photo by Jimmy Hubbard

After last August’s terrifying bus accident, the future of Baroness was up in the air for the moment as the band members focused on recovering from their injuries. Today guitarist/vocalist John Baizley posted a new statement on the group’s website revealing that bassist Matt Maggioni and drummer Allen Blickle will no longer be members of the band.
In the heartfelt statement, Baizley explains the circumstances around the departure by writing, “Injury was not dealt out evenly; unfortunately it was dealt in great supply.” He goes on to explain:

However, for some of us, the accident necessitated a change that would prevent them from performing music or touring. It is with sadness that we must announce that Matt Maggioni and Allen Blickle will not continue touring with Baroness. The details of their departure are not sensational; they do not come with hard feelings. Nor are the details going to be public; suffice it to say we’d like to keep to ourselves the finer points of this situation, to respect the privacy of all involved. While the nine of us must respect the significance of the bus accident in Bath, we must also move away from it and get back to our lives. Simply put, some of the effects and injuries were severe enough to prohibit further activity in Baroness. While we would never have asked them to leave; we have the utmost sympathy for this situation, and in earnest, we wish Matt and Allen the best in the future. In their stead, we have found two musicians who can approach our music with passion and vitality and help get us back out on tour to finish what was seemingly cut short last August.

The band is already scheduled to return to the stage in June with a performance at Bonnaroo and the Free Press Summer Fest. There will also be a charity auction that begins later this week and will help pay the band’s medical bills.
Watch a video of Baizley and Pete Adams performing the acoustic Yellow And Green highlight “Stretchmarker.”