Trash Talk may be the first band that isn’t hip-hop to sign to Odd Future Records, but this shouldn’t really come as a surprise—the Sacramento natives have spent the past year touring with Odd Future and share the same fanbase of angry young white kids that love skateboarding, smoking weed and fucking shit up. They fit together, especially since hip-hop and hardcore are both mainly dependent on vocals and rhythm, rather than melody and harmony.
Trash Talk’s scathing latest release, 119, is named after the band’s address in Los Angeles, a warehouse where the members live, skate, party and wrote their record. The warehouse/workspace is located in a relatively impoverished, dangerous neighborhood of L.A., and this seems to influence the band although I’m not sure that hardcore music exists sans a pissed off vocalist screaming about life’s injustices. They put on legendary grimy, violent live shows, and this is half of the draw for fans—as anyone who saw them perform at the CMJ Life Or Death showcase at Cake Shop last year can verify.

119 is 14 songs smashed into 22 short minutes, all of which are brutal hardcore anthems designed to get your blood pumping. Unlike their previous albums, this one doesn’t feature any hardcore legend guest vocalists (such as Keith Morris of Black Flag/Circle Jerks on “East Of Eden”) or special production. Trash Talk’s single “F.E.B.N.,” which stands for the band’s slogan, “Forward Ever, Backwards Never,” is a burst of raw energy starting with clashing drums, an insane guitar riff and vocalist Lee Spielman and drummer Sam Bosson frantically ranting back and forth. “Blossom And Run” will be a definite hit for diehard Odd Future fans, starting off at a crawling metal pace and featuring Tyler The Creator’s wicked rapping throughout.
This is a solid hardcore album that has a built-in following with its new Odd Future alliance. Its suicidal lyrics and aggressive guitar riffs won’t disappoint current fans and will more than likely win over a bunch of kids from the Odd Future side.