Let us now utilize our “east coast bias” and say that the yearning, dramatic, arena emo from this Savannah, Georgia, band doesn’t sound like it would come from a lovely small city in the South. Between Symmetries‘ straining, chug-a-chug guitar bits and shifting tempos are more Midwest college rock striving in vibe.

On their new EP, Movetur, the groping, sometimes misguided production actually feels approachable. As on Aeonian, where the wide melody and slow build up make you envision the band, despite the miles-long sonic desire, packed in their cramped practice space, hoping and dreaming.

Once this band gets the budget it would’ve loved to have here, they might find out those striving days felt more real. Ah, too much philosophising for a Wednesday morning. Suffice to say, it’s always nice to give a band a shot to be heard, and here it is.

The Movetur EP is self-released on October 23, but check out the album stream premiere below. The band has some regional shows, check the dates below, and a tour up to our Big biased Apple early next year.

Tour Dates for Between Symmetries:
10/24 – at Morningwood Los Angeles, Savannah, GA
10/31 – Big Shows Burgers and Bar, Statesboro, GA
11/02 – Furnace – Savannah, GA
11/03 – Hab Tower, Savannah, GA
11/07 – Hangfire Bar – Savannah, GA (Movetur EP release show)
12/04 – Hangfire Bar – Savannah, GA
12/13 – Troy Fest – Pooler, GA