Photo by Luca Venter

StaG started as a trio of young travelers who journeyed from Los Angeles to Boulder searching for cranial stimulation in the hallowed halls of higher education. But rather than firing up their neurons with Kierkegaard, they did it with Kuti (Fela, that is). That’s just a guess, but they’re a band now; a band that culls together sun-dried harmonies, clacking percussion and fuzzy guitars for a vaguely afrobeat, west coast pop sound. Today we’re premiering their new single, I Think I’ll Shout (Chakita Remix).
While the original track ebbs and flows to a climax via a shaken drum beat and sudden guitar outbursts, the remix stutters as it jerkily rises, crashes, and clatters against unpredictable synths. Just when you feel a lull coming on, the track kicks up again, hitting you right between the brows like a twang of existentialism. StaG’s sophomore LP, Difference will be out at the start of 2014. You can listen to the track below and catch the band play on October 15 at Alphabet Lounge and October 16 at Tammany Hall during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.