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We can’t tell if it’s an adorable expression of fraternal love or a vicious stab of sibling rivalry that the Bond Brothers are releasing a split LP. Recorded separately in the same Jersey studio, each half of album, titled Brother Bones/Baby Bones, will feature four tracks from PJ and Brian Bond, respectively, culminating in a solid slab of brotherly…something.
“Bad Way,” the first track from PJ Bond’s half of the bed, is an open-faced helping of down-home country bumming, featuring the new romantic catchphrase of a generation: “I’d like to fuck you/ for a couple of weeks.” The song strikes that misanthropic but melancholy sweet-spot of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams, while showing off some serious guitar chops. Listen to the track below, and snag the Bond Bros’ full LP on June 12 from Black Numbers.
PJ Bond – Bad Way by BlackNumbers