Coming to Brooklyn by way of the Alpha Draconis star system, Sensual Harassment is a disco-pop duo whose earthly mission is to get bodies moving on the dance floor. Following up its 2010 debut, the group put in some studio time with producer Jesse Cannon (Animal Collective, the Cure) and readied the Escape From Alpha Draconis EP for early 2013. On “Make Me Human Again,” the two-piece sings of the trials and tribulations of intergalactic love amidst a glossy pastiche of late-’70s-era disco synths and beats. Check out the CMJ premiere of “Make Me Human Again” below.

Recently, we asked Sensual Harassment a few questions via email to learn more about the new EP, cosmic travels and impressions of Earth. Read the answers from the band’s Todd Thomas, and be sure to check out their tour dates down below too.
“Make Me Human Again” has a disco vibe to it. How do you think a couple of “Reptilian Humanoids” such as yourselves would have gotten along in the Studio 54 scene?
Being that we supply either the drugs or the music, I think we would of fit in perfectly. I think a time machine would merely prove that for the most part, partying has changed very little over the years.
What first attracted you to create dance music?
Coming from punk-rock/metal backgrounds, we have always been attracted to music that creates energy. People who like dance music usually know how to have a good time. Those are the kinds of humanoids we want to be around.
Your new Escape From Alpha Draconis EP follows up your 2010 debut. Any big sound or songwriting changes this time?
This album was about creating more pop-orientated songs—a formula that the earthly slave race known as humans find hypnotic—and inducing them into a trance-like state. For nefarious purposes, naturally.
Now that you’ve escaped, what’s been the biggest adjustment moving from the Alpha Draconis star system to Brooklyn?
Rent. Everything else is surprisingly similar.
Your name is sure to have inspired a few raised eyebrows over the years…
It was always the two sounds we liked the most. Sensual and Harassing sounds: Smooth/soothing or aggressive/annoying. Hopefully we achieve all of these.
Tour Dates For Sensual Harassment:
03/06 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
03/07 – Baltimore, MD – Soft House
03/08 – Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
03/09 – Athens, GA – Flicker Theater
03/11 – New Orleans, LA – Dragon’s Den
03/12 – Houston, TX – Super Happy Funland
03/13-17 – Austin, TX – SXSW