Netherlands - Photo by Jackie Roman

Netherlands – Photo by Jackie Roman

If you always liked the concept of super-fuzzed stoner rock but need copious amounts of Coca-Cola in addition to NyQuil to balance out your moods, this is the band for you. Sluggo is an absolute burning blur of a song, the aural equivalent of the worst possible bodega-robbing nightmare Sluggo’s parents might have envisioned in his future.

Netherlands’ leader Timo Ellis is a NYC scene vet, and having collabed with acts like the Melvins, John Zorn and…Cibo Matto (yup, he was their drummer) should give you an idea of the surprisingly bright blast he and his black-clad cohorts concoct.

Since their 2013 self-released album, Silicon Vapor, the trio’s been churning out tunes in a bombed-out, pink and puke-green-tiled warehouse basement somewhere in Brooklyn, and will be able to shove one fist up long enough to hand the world an EP coming sometime early in 2015, label to be determined. For now, check out our premiere of “Sluggo” below.