Mirror Talk
The loft-party poptimists of Mirror Talk are wont to indulge their musical fantasies. Facebook thought experiments like “Prince fronting Echo And The Bunnymen, opening for Elvis Costello…nameless cottage-industry, c-list bands of decades past covering Beyoncé” sound fun on paper, but how well would they translate to tape? Let’s find out together with “Like Magic” from Mirror Talk’s self-titled EP.
The tune is just as loaded with rich, retro dance hooks as previous release “Choose Life” (thanks in part to bursting production from Wavves’ Life Sux engineer, Eric Palmquist) and lyrics even ballsier. After 20 seconds of digi-beat buildup, vocalist Court Alexander asks in a wounded, probing falsetto, “Did he fuck you up, baybay?” We sure hope he didn’t. But if “Like Magic” is the consolation prize, the heartache might be worth it. Listen to it here:
Mirror Talk – “Like Magic” by CMJ Network