Mayors of Liberty photo

Mayors Of Liberty – Photo by Christina Mallet

In theory, fusing the tunes of an anthemic indie rock band’s music with world-inspired hip-hop beats would sound unusual. But Seattle’s Mayors Of Liberty fearlessly entrusted the remix of four songs off their latest album, Dream On, to Tendai Maraire of Shabazz Palaces offshoot Chimurenga Renaissance, knowing that the result would be an intriguing crossover. The end product will be released as an EP called Renaissance Dreams due June 3 via Brick Lane.
Come Home is the latest premiere off the EP, and features a verse by Maraire himself. The track keeps the original vocals, but is stripped of excess background music to make room for a pounding bassline, playful marimbas and island-inspired back-up vocals. This innovative take on the original shows that the line between genres is never as defined as it seems. Discover the collaboration below.