Lurve is a Brooklyn-based act whose members used to flex their music muscles in various New York and Connecticut hardcore bands, but you wouldn’t guess that from listening to them now. But hey, gotta keep evolving, right? And it’s not like they’ve totally gone soft; their sound is still grimy-as-heck, it’s just post-coitus-grimy instead of not-showering-during-a-heatwave-grimy. Lurve’s debut album, Hey Babe, is due out August 27 via Broken Circles. Today, we’re premiering a single off that album, Looks So Young.
Looks So Young has a flamboyant ’80s new wave vibe mixed with all the snotty vocals and abused guitars of your favorite ’90s hits. That’s not to say there’s nothing new here. Even with its obvious power-pop sensibility, the track has a surprisingly raw sound that—when lined up against Justin Magnus’s snappy vocals—seems like a feat against physics. You guys, I think I’m in luuurve.