Judgement Day Track Premiere, Judgement Day Demon Fire, Judgement Day CMJ
The Oakland, CA, string aficionados of Judgement Day are perhaps best known for their work with other artists, having contributed arrangements to acts ranging from Bright Eyes to Slash to Taking Back Sunday. However, the band has also released numerous albums and EPs, and performed on several nation-wide tours. The fan-dubbed “string-metal” trio will be releasing yet another full-length, Polar Shift, on July 31 via Minus Head, and we have a premiere of one of its best and most demonic tracks.
“Demon Fire,” an entirely instrumental track, mixes classical styles with hints of medieval folk. Featuring an African-style drumbeat and a thumping cello, the song uses its leading violin line to both entice and create dissonance. Starting off in proper key, it sets the stage for tribal imagery, only before adding a slightly distorted sound, which plays off the song’s title by sounding almost demonic. Spooky stuff! Download or stream the track, below.