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Queens-based fuzz-pop trio Island Twins released its debut self-titled album a few weeks ago, and the record is now available through the group’s Bandcamp page, but CMJ has an exclusive download of the album track “Heat.” It’s a lively, quick jolt of summer fun that begins as a jaunty burst of sunshine before going into full guitar meltdown mode toward the end. Stream the track or grab a free download, below.

“We just wanted to do something upbeat that made us feel like we were channeling Black Flag through pop,” writes guitarist/vocalist Erik Brauer via e-mail. “I guess the lame way to say it is it’s about a ‘heated’ argument with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s definitely based off personal experiences.”
Sadly, despite sharing a name with the controversial Miami basketball team and the track’s multiple references to crying, the song is not about the ongoing NBA Finals or Lebron James. “I wish this song was about the Miami Heat instead,” writes Brauer. “Since the Knicks are done we’re all OKC.”