Portland shoegaze revivalists Anne can turn even the gloomiest sentiments into soft tufts of chiming, swoon-worthy brood-pop. They primarily exist in a universe where heartbreak is always accompanied by shimmering, Cure-like guitar tones and every decision is a slowdive into possible disaster. The group will soon release a 7″ single via Run For Cover, the follow-up to 2011’s Dream Punx, but we have an exclusive stream of the track “Power Exchange,” below.

To pinpoint the goth heart of this heart-on-the-sleeve song, we asked singer/guitarist David Lindell to answer a few questions about the track.
What was the musical inspiration for “Power Exchange”?
Musically there is no particular inspiration I suppose. This song was written more collaboratively than most of our other songs. It started with me just playing a idea similar to the verse riff during practice and we more or less wrote the whole song on the spot, while most our other songs are worked out more so before they are brought to the group. Initially I didn’t like the song at all, though now its probably one of my favorite things we’ve done, which only makes me believe I should not listen to myself.
Are the lyrics to the song based on personal experience?
Bits and pieces of the lyrics had been floating around before the music of the song was even written, but the brunt of it was written all at once, and more directly relates to personal experiences than anything off of Dream Punx. I am glad about that, that I was able to write something that is certainly about an experience in my life and I don’t believe it comes across as too blunt or plain.

Who is that on the cover of the 7″?
It’s a picture of Fishnets, local punk icon. He sings for Heavy Voodoo and has a pet snake. Brenton our synth player is a also a pro photographer so we end us using photos for almost everything. We like imagery that invokes the spirit of punk.
Pre-orders for the single are available here.