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After moving from the dry heat of Denton, TX to ultra-urbanized New York, the post-punk, shoegaze trio Grassfight gained heaps of online recognition when it released its Icon EP last fall. Blogs quickly began comparing the band’s sound to that of Interpol and Joy Division because of its heavy, driving basslines and urgent rhythms, but there’s more to this group than just a series of brooding reference points. They’ve got the songs to justify the gloom.
Next week Grassfight will release Icon EP 2, a follow up to that 2011 EP, and we have the premiere of the track “Nassau,” a dark yet energetic song featuring Nick Cave-like goth vocals from frontman Nathan Forster. Check out the stream of “Nassau,” along with Forster’s explanation of the band’s name and the song’s title and what to expect from the upcoming EP, below.
Grassfight “Nassau” by 230MP3
There was a battle during the Texas Revolution called the Grass Fight. Is that where the band got its name?
Yes, that’s where the name came from. The Texans ambushed a group of Mexicans carrying supplies thinking they had bags full of silver, but when the they opened the bags, they just found grass. No deep meaning, it’s just a cool band name.
You guys are from Denton, TX, but now you’re living in New York. Is that why you have a song called “Nassau”? Big ups to Long Island?
Right again, well, close—named after the stop in Greenpoint. I won’t go into a nod-off story about that.
Your next EP, Icon EP 2, comes out next week. Will this one differ a lot from Icon EP?
All the songs on both EP’s were recorded around the same time so there probably won’t be much of a difference to people new to Grassfight. For us though, the first 5 songs had more of a fall/winter feel, whereas the second 5 have more of a spring/summer feel. So we broke them and their release dates up accordingly.