Who are Gospels? No one knows! For now, let us assume that an alien pod fell to Earth somewhere in the woods along the Eastern Seaboard, from which Gospels emerged to find an abandoned cabin conveniently equipped with instruments and a recording studio. In the forest, they communed with nature and various woodland creatures. Maybe they found an injured raccoon and then tended its wounds and knit it a raccoon-sized afghan. In the meantime, the mysterious quartet also wrote and recorded an EP titled Animal Feelings, the sonic equivalent of wearing a fisherman sweater on a gloomy day. Here’s the premiere of the title track, which wraps a dreamy haze around an alt-folk core.

The Animal Feelings EP will be released in 2013, and the band is set to make its live debut at CMJ. Ahead of Gospels’ appearance at the festival, we asked them a few questions via email to get a first glimpse.
You don’t really use the internet. What’s up with that?
Having a level of disconnect from the internet during the writing and recording process has been pretty freeing. We’ve seen some bands do interesting new things with visual media and the internet. Something in that vein might be cool.
Describe your musical style in a few words.
A friend of ours described it as “warm, fuzzy, brilliant, beautiful music.”
You’re making your live debut at CMJ. Nervous? Excited?
Mostly we were thrilled to see ourselves so close to GZA’s name in the first-round announcements. That’s reason enough for the band name…I think there’s a healthy balance of nerves and excitement. We can’t wait.
Any predictions for the first show?
Some confused Christians. And a great show.
Your forthcoming EP is called Animal Feelings, which is also the name of a song on it. Are you concerned with the feelings of any particular animal?
Good question. And a tough one. We had to Google the answer: A tarsier.
Gospels plays the Studio At Webster Hall on Tuesday, October 16, as part of CMJ 2012.