Everyone, no matter what they say, can’t help but love a little bit of late ’80s early ’90s nostalgia. One of the bands doing it right is Futurecop!, the Manchester-based electronic project of college buddies Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol. The duo is dearly committed to rendering this ’90s nostalgia, and with it the vibes and feelings associated with childhood memories. After releasing their debut EP in 2009, The Unicorn And The Lost City Of Alvograth, two more full-length albums and a few remixes, side-projects and instrumental experiments, Futurecop! will release a new LP, Fairytales Of Summer Shoegazers (June 2), just in time for the summer.

Priming us for this sugar-coated blast to the past is the album’s single, Eyes, featuring Toronto crooner Lyon. It sounds exactly like what we might expect from the album’s title: a ’90s saccharine vibe that perfectly balances smooth vocals, simple synth and a mix of dopey optimism and underlying teen angst. The track features dreamy synth droplets and breathy vocals that remind us of some original ’90s, female-led groups like the Eurythmics. The chorus, of course, is irresistibly catchy, with longing lyrics and a starry-eyed soundscape that could perfectly soundtrack a contemplative, cathartic beach scene on a reality show of years past. In the spirit of throwbacks, this track is a refreshing reminder of how perfectly sparkly the ’90s were and the tunes they delivered. Dive in below.