You might think this when you think of New Jersey, but the Everymen would like you to consider a different image. The punk band is releasing its debut LP, New Jersey Hardcore, October 9 on Killing Horse, and the album assures that some people in the state prefer moshing and rocking their heads off at Maxwell’s to fist pumping while downing Patrón at the nearest Jersey Shore nightclub.
“Boss Johnny And The Get Lucky,” the seventh track off of the upcoming record, is punk through to the bone, with a bouncy, heavy bassline alongside the upbeat guitar strumming, a combination heard on several tracks on Rancid’s …And Out Come The Wolves. Adding to the melodic overtones, the band decided to throw in a ska curve ball, including baritone sax licks as well as a bellowing solo that could drag anyone into the circle pit. Listen to the song below.