Rock purist and CMJ 2012 artist Capsula will release its ninth studio album, Solar Secrets, on August 27 via Krian. This time around, the Bowie-loving band teamed up with Bowie producer Tony Visconti for an extra extraterrestrial rock feel. Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Constellation Freedom” and check out Capsula’s thoughts on production, intra-band love and the current landscape of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll in their Bilbao home.

You worked with Tony Visconti for this album. How was that different from your previous work with John Agnello?
Both of them are two of the best producers in the world and the sounds they produce fit perfectly with the atmospheres and the energy the band generates. Most of the musical references we have come from the hands and ears of these incredible gentlemen. And for us, it’s a big honor to share our experiences at the studio with these masters. John produced the last two previous albums In the Land of Silver Souls and our own version of Ziggy Stardust and we have a very strong connection musically and as friends. John already knows our sound very well and working with him at the studio is very easy.
Working with Tony for this new album was like a dream coming true, as he is one of the heroes in our rock iconography. We had an incredible experience recording and living together at Saint Claire studios in Lexington, Kentucky. Tony had already recorded in this studio some incredible albums in recent years, we were especially excited that he recorded there the last records of Alejandro Escobedo. “Real Animal,” the album Escovedo co-writed with Chuck Prophet, is one of our favorite albums of the last years. Tony explained to us that St. Claire was the perfect studio for this Capsula´s album, as the sound of the room was very special, you could get a very lively and open sound with the three of us recording at the same time in the same room, as if thereby achieving the energy that the band has live. Also he told us that it was a great place, as it is located in the countryside, with 14 acres of parks around. There would not be external distractions and that way we could focus all the energy on the recording, and the experiences we shared together these days remain reflected in the songs. Working with him was neither more nor less than traveling to the essence of the songs. There is something very special about the way he makes suggestions from the control room that bring out the best of yourself as a musician, and more.
KEXP compared your sound to T.Rex and David Bowie—the name “Capsula” comes from Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Do you feel this is accurate?
If you want to trace a line from them to us, it wont work as there is no time and space coherence. There are decades in the middle cultural differences, etc, etc. But in a universe of sounds where everything is connected by other mysterious reasons, it makes total sense. One tangible reason is bepassion. We are connected with other bands’ sounds because of it: it can be from us to them or because of sharing passion and influences from our rock and roll heroes.
How does being a being a couple affect your chemistry as a band?
In our case, specially in the sound of the band, we think there is a very special alchemy that comes from the personal relation we have. The sound of the band is like an animal that is growing and growing itself, being fed by the experiences we get on the road living together every day. It is like a three headed animal with one heart and one soul in common.
Last year, you told us that “The music scene in Bilbao has always been heavily influenced by the punk movement as well as art and experimentation.” Is this still true? What is the rock scene currently like in Spain?
For us it is. It’s a normal step to be influenced by contents that shake your life and dreams, and transform that experiences with your own alphabet of shapes and sounds elements, to try to connect with the people. Rock and roll gave us that ability and possibility. We are from a generation where a book and a record could mark the direction of your whole life and that was what happened.