American GospelAmerican Gospel is the solo project of Gregg DellaRocca, singer and guitarist for the Republic Of Wolves. Today we’re premiering “I Know,” a track off of his upcoming May 15 release, Tall Tales Vol. 1.
DellaRocca’s voice is full of pretty yearning and pain, which contrasts nicely against the catchy horn line provided by members of ska band the Toasters’ brass section. We learned this fun fact from DellaRocca himself. Check out our other findings in our mini-interview, and listen to the track below.

What’s the story behind “I Know”?
A lot of the stranger, more abstract lyrics in this song actually refer to a story I’ve been developing for sometime now titled Daniel’s Favor. I plan on focusing on this story and its themes more directly in the future, but generally speaking “I Know” is about finding someone that you’ve lost. It’s also about that moment when you realize you don’t know anything and how understanding that moment can lead to knowing something quite profound.
What makes American Gospel different from the Republic Of Wolves?
I think there’s a lot that separates the two projects. The most obvious for me is the genre-hopping I do on this album, and that’s something I plan on continuing to do with American Gospel in the future. The Republic Of Wolves is primarily heavy and dark with the occasional soft spot, so all of TROW’s members have side projects that, like American Gospel, are doing something different. All of us just really like writing music, all types of music, so I guess TROW is just our outlet when we want to write alternative rock.
In “I Know” you sing the line, “A thousand years in the future/We’ll all live in the ocean.” If you were around in a thousand years, and we were in fact living in the ocean, would we be in boats? What’s your vision?
Well, for one I’d probably have a large sail boat and ask to be referred to as “The Mariner.” I think dirt would be the new currency, and we’d all have to watch out for “The Smokers” (They would ride jet skis). Some of us would evolve and have webbed feet and gills. We’d all be searching for dry land. Dennis Hopper would also be there.