Photo by Corinne Buchanan

With the release of long-awaited Sublime Currency just around the corner, Abandoned Pools are premiering their track “Behemoth” today with CMJ. “Behemoth” is a sweet and soft pop track with plenty of pretty piano and will appear on Abandoned Pools new LP, out August 28 via Tooth And Nail. The tune is distinctly happier than some on the band’s 2005 release, Armed To The Teeth. Here’s what Tommy Walter, the mastermind behind Abandoned Pools and former member of the Eels, had to say about the track, streaming below.

Was there a specific inspiration for the lyrics to “Behemoth” or a person the lyrics are directed toward?
Driving around L.A., there are lot of giant, unnecessarily over-sized, behemoth trucks. To me, to drive one is an act of aggression. “Behemoth” was inspired by that. I wonder if the drivers of those vehicles are afraid of getting killed, so they drive tanks—like they’re in a war zone, and they may not be concerned with how it affects others or whether they end up killing someone. Living with that lack of civility on a daily basis takes its toll.
How would you say this song fits in the context of the rest of the album?
It’s still a pop song at heart and shares the same melodic elements that are present on the rest of the album, but there’s something about the tone of the song that sets it apart. Though the subject matter is a little daunting, there’s a feeling of overcoming, and it’s a positive song ultimately. That’s a common thread throughout the entire album.
In what ways has your work as a producer for other artists informed the way you write and record your own material?
It’s helped to develop my instincts. I don’t have to think as hard; things just come to me easier. I have a process now, and ideas just flow better. Working with other artists, you have to deliver in a timely manner. I’ve gotten used to that pressure, and it’s something I enjoy, so it becomes automatic.