British import Tom Vek has announced the release of his second digital album Leisure Seizure (Downtown) for June 7 after a five-year hiatus from the music world. Recorded in his own PALLET Recording Studios, this album finds Vek exploring more production techniques on new equipment creating a more controlled sound than was heard on his debut.

Though still featuring Vek’s signature percussion, Leisure Seizure presents a cleaner and more crisp sound than his earlier sporadic recording We Have Sound. Vek continues to use his process of transforming a strange sound into a full track with the help of producers Tom Rixton and Liam Howe stepping in for finishing touches. This album is the result of a three-year setup and two-year period of creating music, which explains Vek’s departure from the scene for so long. Lead single “A Chore,” supplemented by a concept music video, also takes notice of Vek’s break.

The Londoner’s debut on the scene came on the dawn of the MySpace generation allowing him to quickly release his music. Following a stint on The O.C. Vek took his leave, though his new release promises to be well worth the wait.

Tracklist For Leisure Seizure:

01. Hold You Hand

02. Aroused

03. A Chore

04. We Do Nothing

05. World Of Doubt

06. Seizemic

07. A.P.O.L.O.G.Y.

08. Someone Loves You

09. Close Mic’ed

10. On A Plate

11. You Need To Work Your Heart Out

12. Too Bad