If you’re a diehard fan or just a casual observer of Titus Andronicus, you’ve probably noticed something by now: They’re from New Jersey. From their obvious affinity for Bruce Springsteen to their raucous music videos, the band rarely hesitates to show off their Jersey pride, providing a heartfelt and nuanced take on a region that too often gets reduced to crude cultural stereotypes and goonish politicians. In the video for “In A Big City,” a stand-out track from their wonderful Local Business LP, the group pays tribute to their homeland by leaving it.
Director Isaac Ravishankara’s video perfectly captures the song’s delicate balance between searching for a brighter future and yearning for home by showing singer Patrick Stickles and his bandmates traveling from the scenic confines of New Jersey to an open riverbank where they stare out at the New York skyline. It’s a simple video, but it gets the job done.
For more info on the making of the clip read this great Grantland feature on the band. Apparently the guys were watching The Nanny a lot during the making of the clip, which is in no way reflected in the video.
Titus Andronicus recently kicked off a North American tour with fellow punk group Ceremony. Go see them in your town.