Photo by Annie Lesser

Last night was British duo the Ting Tings’ first show on the Sounds From Nowheresville tour. Katie White (vocals) started crouched at the front of the stage before emerging as the energetic goddess she is, thanking people for coming to the concert despite date and venue changes. Although she did a lot of screaming and jumping, White apologized multiple times to the audience for the fact that she had her appendix out a little over a week earlier and was unable to dance to her full potential. If that was her not giving her all, then seeing White at full capacity would probably be overwhelmingly awesome because despite being in recovery mode, White was a charismatic ball of magnetic musical magic.
During “Shut Up And Let Me Go,” White grabbed a mallet and hit a giant bass drum over and over to intensify the beat before knocking the drum over, plopping her behind on it and grabbing her cowbell. After a 10-song set the thunderous applause brought White and Jules De Martino (drums, lead guitar) back on stage for an encore of “That’s Not My Name.” They had the entire audience singing the “Are you calling me darling?” bridge, conducted by White. After the show De Martino and White hugged, waving and throwing up peace signs at the audience.
Photos by Annie Lesser
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