After what can only be two straight weeks of eating soup, smoking weed and tweeting about Herman Cain, Tim Heidecker has birthed a meme. Heidecker, one half of the off-kilter genius that is the Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, has focused his efforts on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain. As of this Friday, Cainthology (Songs In The Key Of Cain) will be released on iTunes and other digital platforms—until then, Heidecker’s collection of screwball tunes inspired by “Lord Cain” is available only on this site. If $10 seems a little steep for nine brief and silly tracks produced in about two weeks, that’s because it is—but it’s for charity. As Heidecker explained to a fan, all proceeds from Cainthology will be donated to the VIP Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, CA.
Cainthology began with the October 25 release of the psych-folk shoe-tapper “Cain Train” on YouTube, and soon spiraled into a Cain-inspired musical k-hole. By November 7, all nine tracks of Cainthology were recorded, mixed and mastered with the help of some of Heidecker’s homies, like DJ Douggpound. The initial video was inspired by this campaign ad, in which Cain’s chief of staff takes a luxuriously and comedically random drag from his cigarette. Since then, Heidecker has enlisted a Twitter fan, Kevin Ackley, to design the artwork for Cainthology and received an irate phone call from a Cain campaign employee. Doesn’t that guy have more pressing things to worry about?

Tracklist for Cainthology: Songs In The Key Of Cain):
01. Ride The Cain Train
02. Chooglin’ Cain Train
03. Lord Cain
04. Cain Train Baby (Featuring Rich Little)
05. Cain Mutiny (Featuring DJ Douggpound)
06. Pray For Cain (Featuring Heidecker And Wood)
07. My Master, My Master!
08. Cain Is Able
09. Cain Skiffle/King Cain