Tim Foljahn - Photo by Thatcher Keats

Tim Foljahn – Photo by Thatcher Keats

Hey, not everyone is all lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day. In fact that holiday can sometimes seems designed to rub the noses of the loney ones in velvety red sorrow. Tim Foljhan feels your pain.

Over the years, Foljahn has strummed with Steve Shelley (in Two Dollar Guitar), Cat Power, Townes Van Zandt, Half Japanese, Boredoms and Thurston Moore’s Psychic Hearts. And he’s a memeber of Assistant Warden Caputo’s band Sideboob on Orange Is The New Black, and lord knows that show doesn’t usually equate with stuffed teddy bears holding hearts. So we figured who better to ask for a list of not-so gushy love songs. Heck, his new solo album is even called Fucking Love Songs, which can be taken all sorts of ways, but we’ll take it in a bitter vein for purposes of lamenting tomorrow’s potentially annoying chocolate ‘n’ flowers fest.

But don’t get us wrong, Foljahn is clearly a romantic from the sounds of the, spare, reflective slow dance, “Beloved,” which we’re premiereing today. This beautiful tune, that evokes an image of a man left standing rejected on a lights turned out dancefloor, portends an excellently romantic album, title be damned. Fucking Love Songs is out March 31 on Kiam Records. Check the song and Tim Foljahn’s Top 10 Un-love Songs below.

Tim Foljahn’s Top 10 Un-Love Songs

01. Leonard Cohen – I Tried To Leave You
I could have easily done all ten as Cohen songs. He has a million unlove songs. So Long Marianne, Chelsea Hotel, etc. This one is not exactly unlove, but very unromantic, grown-up love.
02. Leonard Cohen – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
Okay, just one more. Maybe the sweetest kiss-off song ever.
03. Neil Young – Birds
A contender for the sweetest kiss-off song. Of course, kiss-off songs could also be about dying.

04. Sweet – Fox On The Run
“I don’t know. You looked alright before.” Hilarious!

05. Donovan – Hi It’s Been A Long Time
Similar vibe to #4, but more brutal. Donovan has a lot of this stuff. He’s really good at being nasty, but very pretty about it.

06. Joni Mitchell – See You Sometime
“I know you’re an asshole, but….” I am crazy about her specificity! She rules.

07. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest

08. Big Star – Holocaust
Self love can be hard to come by sometimes.

09. Kevin Ayers – May I
A nice, creepy, stalker song for a rainy day.

10. Fairport Convention – Matty Groves
This one has it all. Love. Unlove. Blood and Death. How love/unlove feels. Very accurate.

Tim Foljahn - Photo by Thatcher Keats

Tim Foljahn – Photo by Thatcher Keats