What happens when you bring together two childhood besties to make an alt-pop album? The answer, at least in the case of London-based duo Thumpers, is an adorable, bouncy collection of upbeat melodies. The first product of this likeable pair, Galore, is a pretty accurate reflection of the title—an album chock full of catchy choruses, dynamic chords and percussion you definitely want to tap your feet to. As may be expected from two long-time best friends who’ve decide to put their adulthood on pause and make music together, Thumpers gently sends you back into lazy, nostalgic, childhood days when the only thing that mattered was taking it as easy as possible.
The opening track of Galore gives off an almost Wake Up-era Arcade Fire vibe, with some orchestral elements and a croony chorus singing, “Far away, far away, far away,” behind the lead vocals. This album then dives into some more focused tracks like Dancing’s Done and Sound of Screams, both also featuring buoyant melodies but with slightly more serious undertones. The album’s single, “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)”, falls at track 4, just in time to lift the album up to its prettiest, poppiest, most dynamic section that feels like a cross between a tweeny love song and a theme song for an adolescent afternoon adventure.

That track, along with the following one, Come On Strong, reads as a kind of “bring it on” to adulthood, with lyrics, solos and sounds that together make the perfect pep talk for the future. There’s no doubt that Thumpers were totally aware of the air of reflection that Galore emits, as evidenced by tracks like Now We Are Sixteen (feat. Summer Camp) that revolve around the well-known wish to return, even just for a moment, to our often glorified teenage years. Though we’ll probably never get back to the days of pool parties, bonfires and life-consuming crushes, Galore comes pretty damn close.
Listening to Galore kind of feels like growing up, as it perfectly balances a combo of bittersweet nostalgia, hopeful optimism and an impending sense of something bigger and better to come. The album’s sound has a glimmering, summery feel, and gives listeners a refreshing burst of warmth just when we need it—in the dead of this particularly brutal winter. The album secures a pretty safe spot for Thumpers in the realm of beachy alt-pop that boasts bands like Real Estate and Beach Fossils, and we look forward to hearing more from them—and finally getting some real summer too.