The LCD Soundsystem Long Goodbye saga continues, with James Murphy responding to a massive ticketing snafu last Friday by adding four additional shows leading up to the final LCD Soundsystem concert at Madison Square Garden on April 2.

Last Friday, tickets got snapped up and put on StubHub before fans could even type in the incomprehensible CAPTCHA. It didn’t sit right with anybody that a sale could actually sell so few tickets–the only other alternative was to buy the egregiously marked-up tickets on the scalping market–so James Murphy, after a few hotheaded tweets, posted on the LCD Soundsystem website a lengthy and infuriated remark (titled “fuck you, scalpers. terminal 5 shows added.” to be succinct) in which he announced that four additional shows were added to the Long Goodbye, in an effort to combat the “scalping scumfucks.” James Murphy: pow, pow pow pow pow, pow pow pow pow.

The shows will take place at Terminal 5 on March 28, 29, 30, 31. They’ll all probably sell out too, but this time by people who actually want to see LCD Soundsystem, instead of just wanting to make a quick grand. To ensure that scalpers don’t kill those shows as well, a two-ticket limit will be instituted, and concertgoers will be required to show their IDs at the door. Tickets go on sale February 18th, and are $40 each.