The Thermals played their second NYC-area show last Thursday at Market Hotel in Brooklyn. Touring on the release of their latest album We Disappear (Saddle Creek), and coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of their classic The Body, The Blood, The Machine (Sub Pop), they brought in a sold out crowd of fans old and new to rock out while watching the J/M/Z trains roll by outside the venue windows.

This night was really a chance for those two aforementioned albums to shine along with some material in between. If you were a fan of their earliest stuff you were mostly out of luck, save for “No Culture Icons” during the encore. Regardless, the energy was very high, abetted by their new guitarist (who sang for opening band, fellow Portlandians Summer Cannibals), who mostly freed leader Hutch Harris to move around more onstage, even diving into the crowd a couple times.

The Thermals always bring a great show, and the audience always gives them high energy back. How can you not jump around to their snappy songs regardless if you know them or not? You can’t, and the crowd proved that this night.

Photos by Alix Piorun