In case you were wondering, Theophilus London had sex last night. Granted, that is not firsthand information or even hearsay, but to members of the audience at his album release show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom, it was clear that London was enjoying and taking full advantage of being the man of the hour. About an hour before taking the stage, he tweeted, “so much champagne so much yelling so much photos so much models so much swag so much sore throats yeah thats waht having an album out means [sic]” indicating his (understandable) egomania.

He seemed to channel Kanye West in style, floss and arrogance, which would have been irksome (seeing as pompous rapper guys are generally irksome) had it not been accompanied by the level of ecstasy and giddiness middle-aged women reach when Oprah offers them a free car or tickets to The Color Purple. That kind of excitement is undeniably cute, especially when the subject is a good-looking young man with nice arms instead of an aging housewife. London promised to sign t-shirts and albums after his set, “and then come jump on your couch ‘cos it’s my first CD,” bouncing on the heels of his hightop Nike Air Force 2-ish sneakers. He looked like he had raided Justin Bieber’s closet before going on—black skinny jeans, flashy sneaks—only with a sequined tank top, proving that black hipster guys are the cutest.

London certainly felt swag-ish last night; in fact, there was so much swag that it started to pump out his ovaries. “Kreayshawn in the house,” he told his audience, which he must have meant metaphorically, as only Kreayshawn’s voice joined Theophilus onstage. He shared the spotlight with four bandmates, occasionally clearing the stage of all except the European-looking DJ chick. The swag, however, was all his own—during “Girls Girls $,” he liberated a wad of bills from his tight jeans and started throwing them into the crowd. He was less generous with his fashion, particularly his fitted “G G $” cap, which a fan tried to grab during a brief crowdsurfing session.

“What’s that?” he asked a female fan between songs and bouts of call-and-response (“Ladies say ‘Hey TL!'”). “Oh, you love me,” he repeated into the microphone, launching himself down the length of the stage. “I love you too.”

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