For a band that’s just starting out, commercial radio can seem daunting. College radio, on the other hand, is an incredibly influential resource that can be more easily broken into. The Rock Shop, a monthly, Boston-based industry panel created by music veterans to help people to learn more about the music industry, recently held a discussion titled “A Musician’s Guide To College Radio”. Panelists included Phil Flemming of WMFO, Ali Donohue of WTBU, 2010 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival panelist Liz Pelly of WZBC, Eric Roberts of WMWM, and Rob Duguay of WBOB.

Not unlike the yearly CMJ panel “Music Directors’ Summit” but with a audience of artists rather than college radio and industry members, the panelists offered tips and advice on how bands can get noticed, and ultimately, get airplay at college radio stations. They took on everything from the power of local college stations to how to go about getting paid if your song gets played on these stations. All the panelists agreed that heading to the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival is a great way to get your band noticed. Even if you aren’t playing an official showcase, the massive amount of music industry members hanging out in one place can provide some great networking opportunities.

Working with radio promotion companies is another highly recommended tip for bands. Not only working on marketing albums to radio, most promotions companies can offer advice to bands as well. Rock Shop co-creator Steve Theo states, “a big part of why we started Rock Shop, is we were always being asked these questions individually, so we figured if some bands are asking there has to be more that they want to know.”

The Rock Shop takes place the 3rd Monday of every month at Great Scott in Boston, and hosted by Carl Lavin and Josh Smith of CQ Presents. The Rock Shop is free to anyone (18+ due to venue restrictions) with interest in the music industry. Created by Steve Theo of Pirate Promotions and Kevin Hoskins of Rogue, the Rock Shop exists to give back to the Boston music community by hosting monthly seminars, panels, guest speakers, and more on topics artists and bands can benefit from. Steve Theo will be moderating the panel “Digital Music Servicing, Radio Revamp” at the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival.

Indie Ambassador took care of the video work for this edition of the Rock Shop. The opinions in this video reflect those of the individuals in it, not the radio stations or companies involved.