Music distribution company The Orchard has partnered with Songpier, a German app creation service, to make available a platform that helps bands make apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Targeted at bands who don’t have the budget to pay a developer to create a completely customized artist app, Songpier’s model allows artists to create an app for each individual song, which is basically an HTML5 page that appears on the home-screens of users’ mobile devices. From those pages, users can find lyrics, bios, online store links, tour dates, or whatever else the artist wishes to add to the app.

The service launched in closed beta mode last December and opened up to the public in May. “The strong combination of The Orchard’s reach and Songpier’s straightforward approach enables any artist to get the best in distribution, promotion and connect-to-fans,” said Matthias Glatschke, CEO of Songpier’s parent company, pierlane GmbH, in a press release. “We are proud to have found a highly valuable partner in The Orchard, sharing the same vision: to support independent artists who are developing their careers.”

Songpier seems to make the most sense for emerging artists who don’t have the budget to pay someone to develop apps for them. You can view examples of already created apps here.