Bryce Dessner, a.k.a. one of five Brooklyn dudes who make those introspective jams that everyone loves, a.k.a. the guitarist of The National, has an announcement. As the Trouble Will Find Me buzz subsides, Dessner is churning up some buzz of his own. This fall, he’ll make his debut as a composer on a four-track album, Aheym, out November 5 via Anti.
The album is a collaboration between Dessner and the contemporary classical Kronos Quartet. There’s a story behind every musical team-up, and in this case, Dessner originally wrote the album’s title track “Aheym” in 2009 for the Quartet’s Celebrate Brooklyn! performance. He wrote the song as a tribute to his immigrant grandparents, and more specifically, his grandmother Sarah Dessner.
Tracklist For Aheym:
01. Aheym
02. Little Blue Something
03. Tenebre
04. Tour Eiffel