Brooklyn art-rock bricoleurs the Men are a productive bunch. When they finished last year’s Open Your Heart—one of the year’s best records, according to some people—they quickly revealed plans to write and record yet another record, and began testing out new songs on the road. The new record, New Moon, will be released on March 5 via Sacred Bones and you can stream the blistering shitkicker of a single, “Electric,” below.
New Moon was recorded last year in the upstate New York village of Big Indian, in the Catskill Mountains. Press materials for the album describe it as, “a love letter devoted in bowed humility to the grand continuum, exposing the hoax of the great divide,” so you can probably expect more of Open Your Heart’s psychedelic, country-licked riffs and less of Leave Home’s howling, death-rattle skronk. Or just expect a good record.
“Electric” will also be released on 7″ vinyl with the non-album track “Water Babies” on January 22. But you can check it out below, along with the tracklist for New Moon.

Tracklist For New Moon:
01. Open The Door
02. Half Angel Half Light
03. Without A Face
04. The Seeds
05. I Saw Her Face
06. High And Lonesome
07. The Brass
08. Electric
09. I See No One
10. Birdsong
11. Freaky
12. Supermoon