As we previously announced, the Knife will return with a new album, Shaking The Habitual, the group’s follow-up to its 2006 breakthrough LP, Silent Shout. Yesterday, a nine-minute track from the album briefly surfaced before being pulled down for copyright reasons. Perhaps as penance for teasing us with the epic possibilities of new Knife music, the band has revealed the album’s tracklist along with the track lengths, which usually isn’t that notable, except here’s the thing: The album is super long!
Shaking The Habitual will be 98 minutes of music, and that includes a 19-minute track called “Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized.” 98 minutes. That’s longer than the White Album! That’s longer than that epic Chromatics album from last year! That’s longer than most Woody Allen movies!
And then there’s the song titles themselves. “A Tooth For An Eye” reads like pretty typical Knife stuff, but as you go along the list, you start to notice some pretty crazy stuff. There’s a song called “Raging Lung.” There’s another one titled “Fracking Fluid Injection.” That sounds terrifying. This was already one of our most anticipated releases of the year, but now we’re kinda nervous. The album arrives on April 9 via Mute. Take a look at the titles and watch the album teaser below.
Tracklist For Shaking The Habitual:
01. A Tooth For An Eye (6:04)
02. Full Of Fire (9:17)
03. A Cherry On Top (8:43)
04. Without You My Life Would Be Boring (5:14)
05. Wrap Your Arms Around Me (4:36)
06. Crake (0:55)
07. Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized (19:22)
08. Raging Lung (9:58)
09. Networking (6:42)
10. Oryx (0:37)
11. Stay Out Here (10:42)
12. Fracking Fluid Injection (9:54)
13. Ready To Lose (4:36)