The Kills doesn’t live in a world where sweatered coed duos sing twee love ballads like dainty hummingbirds on a dewy spring morn. Oh no. Not the Kills. Washed in noir glamour on the sugarless side of the tracks, the Kills’ fourth album, Blood Pressures (Domino), has the sultry allure of a forbidden witching-hour rendezvous. While the rough punk attitude of the band remains the same, much has changed since Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart released the street-stompin’ Midnight Boom in 2008: The duo has been mixing with the most posh of the nitty-gritty—Mosshart has spent a good part of the past two years with Jack White’s the Dead Weather, and Hince is recently affianced to supermodel Kate Moss—but, as Mosshart says of the Kills over a grainy connection from the UK, “it’s my family—it’s like home.”

The Kills – Satellite by DominoRecordCo

How was working on this album while you were still working with the Dead Weather?
It was really busy, but it was great. I was just touring with the Dead Weather, so it was just a couple weeks of touring, then three weeks of recording, then a couple more weeks of touring, then recording. It was a bit hectic, but it was fine. We finished touring, and I just got to go to the studio full-time and finish the record.

Had you started writing the record before the Dead Weather tour, or was it all worked out in between?
No, I hadn’t started writing the next Kills record before we started the Dead Weather. When Jamie and I started going into the studio in November of 2009, we started to write, and I was on the road a bit, so it was writing in hotel rooms, whenever I could really.

How does it feel going back from being in a band where it’s just you and Jamie to playing in a band with a larger amount of people? Is the dynamic different?
Well, the bands are really different. The music is incredibly different, the melodies are incredibly different, the way of working is different, the live shows are different. It’s all so different that it’s not comparable.

Jamie is getting married soon; will that affect touring?
People think that getting married is like having a broken arm or something. I don’t really get that idea that something will stop happening. I think that things are probably going to continue on as normal though. It’s all really exciting what’s going on, and getting married is fantastic, I’m so happy for him.

The Kills has a very specific aesthetic, not just sound-wise but visually as well. Is that something that is part of the band?
Yeah, of course. I don’t want to be in a band that looks like roadies. We really care about our appearance and the way that we present ourselves. As a performer and artist you should let down your guard somewhere. I’m not going to walk down the street wearing a fucking hoodie sweatshirt thing to the airport with UGG boots and just be a bum. I don’t really think it’s very cool, and I’m sorry, I don’t know how to explain it in a better way. But of course it’s important. It’s important to walk on stage and present yourself in a certain way.