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It’s time to hear about how much Odd Future loves cocaine, again. And again. Aaand…again. This time, we come to you with news that OF’s only female member Syd The Kyd will release an album with Matt Martian as the duo the Internet in the coming months. Purple Naked Ladies, which is presumably a shout-out to Syd’s greatest loves (high-grade marijuana, ladies and Ecstasy), will be released digitally on December 20 via Odd Future Records, and then physically on January 17. The LP features OFWGKTA members Mike G and Left Brain, in addition to Coco O, who we presume is Coco from Quadron. If you can wait the extra month, physical copies of Purple Naked Ladies will come with three bonus tracks.
If you can’t even wait till December 20, don’t forget that Syd and Martian have already unleashed the Cocaine EP. The three-track release contains “Cocaine,” “Love Song – 1” and “They Say,” and of course the Internet had to choose the most important and coolest track name for the title of its EP. Enjoy it while you can, because we all know, killer songs like this tend to turn into songs like this. Which is maybe a little like how this turned into this. Stream a couple of the aforementioned tracks below.
The Internet – Love Song -1 by WeGetPress
The Internet – They Say by WeGetPress
Tracklist For Purple Naked Ladies:
01. Violet Nude Woman
02. They Say/Shangrila Feat. Tay Walker
03. She Dgaf
04. C*nt
05. Cocaine/Tevie Feat. Left Brain
06. Ode to a Dream Feat. Kilo Kish And Coco O
07. Gurl Feat. Pyramid Vritra
08. Love Song – 1
09. Lincoln Feat. Mike G And Left Brain
10. Web Of Me
11. She Knows
12. Fastlane
13. Visions Feat. Coco O
14. The Garden