Each month our friends at The AU Review will be highlighting the best new music from Australia. Check out their top picks for May below.

Velociraptor – Brisbane, Queensland

Andrew Wade, State Editor: This street-fighting, garage rocking, 60’s-reminding indie supergroup Velociraptor (comprised of members of the musically varied yet similarly excellent DZ Deathrays, Tiger Beams, Tiny Migrants, Strange Attractors, Running Gun Sound, Comic Sans and a few more), Cynthia puts a slightly polished spin in comparison to the band’s relatively small back catalog without losing any of the charm. They take musical cues from early British rock legends such as the Kinks and the Hollies, while Jeremy Neale’s raspy and incredibly well suited voice rises over the group’s backing vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a ’50s doo-wop song. It’s an achievement that the song (indeed, the entire group’s output) is so tight and complete sounding, considering the band has twelve members (yes, twelve).

Steering By Stars – Adelaide, South Australia

Sosefina Fuamoli, State Editor: Steering By Stars are my favourite act in Adelaide at the moment. They’re about to release their second album and won the opening slot for Adelaide’s Laneway Festival this year, wowing audiences in droves. I love the mood of the song. There’s something incredibly decadent and dramatic about the arrangement; the repetition of the drums keeps you tied down, which is good because the wall of sound/build up of tension on the track is so easy to get taken away with. Lachlan Wilson’s vocals are raw and passionate, while his work on keys adds to the constant build up of sounds and into some epic crescendos.

Pluto Jonze – Sydney, New South Wales

Larry Heath, Editor-in-Chief: This track’s a few months old now but deserves a look by music fans around the world. Sydney musician Pluto Jonze has been hard at work for many years, building his fanbase while refining his craft. “Plastic Bag in a Hurricane”—an effortlessly catchy tune and radio hit down here—is the culmination of all that hard work. It deserves all the praise it receives and here’s hoping it receives a little more. If he comes over to your neck of the woods, don’t miss your opportunity to see Pluto Jonze. Spolier alert: The TVs you see in the video are a big feature in his live show. I seem to remember there were dolphins involved at some point, too.

Mikelangelo And The Tin Star – Melbourne, Victoria

Mandy Hall, State Editor: Melbourne outfit Mikelangelo And The Tin Star is delivering a new generation of surf music. Dark and exciting with great energy. When they play it live they have go-go dancers (Go-Go Gadget Go Girl), which makes everything better.

Brown Horn Orchestra – Perth, Western Austraila

Tony Lendrum, State Editor: The Brow Horn Orchestra is incredibly talented and has this wonderfully uplifting vibe when they play that makes it impossible not to get the toes a-tapping. The band’s single “Goliath” is testament to that. It’s brilliantly produced, has these lush layers of sound and is a song about coffee—basically a winner all around.”