Each month our friends at the AU Review will be highlighting the best new music from Australia. Check out their top picks for July below.

Wolf And Cub – Adelaide, Southern Australia

Sosefina Fuamoli, State Editor: Adelaide hadn’t been seeing much of Wolf And Cub lately…until they released this double A side of “See The Light” and “All Through The Night” at least. Much like Tame Impala, Wolf And ub know how to make great psychedelic rock sound new and modern and indeed, infectious. The guitar riff has an insatiable groove to it, kind of Kasabian-esque, you could say. It’s gritty and shows a progression in sound from the band, who we hadn’t heard from since their acclaimed sophomore record, Science And Sorcery, back in 2009. 2012 has seen Wolf And Cub return to the live circuit as well, which is great, because they are an experience best done live. Check them out at their website and begin your education there, you won’t regret it. Bring us a new album boys!

Hunz – Brisbane, Queensland

Andrew Wade, State Editor: Hunz have been relatively quiet around Brisbane for a little while now; following the release of the brilliant (and free! [via Bandcamp]) album Thoughts That Move, Hunz have blasted out of the gate with the driving synth-blacktop of “Owl Highway.” Released as a split 7″ alongside the similarly excellent Mr. Maps in a limited edition of 300 (thanks to Lofly Records, who also released the highly recommended debut album from Tiny Spiders last month), thankfully it’s available to all and sundry through the magic of digital downloads. While it’s a different direction from the previously released material, it’s just as awesome. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Richard In Your Mind – Sydney, New South Wales

Larry Heath, Editor-In-Chief: Sydney-based quartet Richard In Your Mind—led by enigmatic frontman Richard Cartwright—have been going from strength to strength in the last couple of years, fine tuning their live show and releasing their best music to date in the process. It’s a little bit psychedelic, at times pop-tastic (in a Yellow Submarine sort of way) and a whole lot of fun. Their recent track “The New Sun” has been getting a murdering in our offices of late. I hope you enjoy the track as much as we do!

The Woohoo Revue – Melbourne, Victoria

Mandy Hall, State Manager: Call them what you will—Balkan gypsy brass band, Roaring ’20s swing ensemble, Wild West fiddle contest or a soundtrack for Looney Tunes—it barely scratches the surface. There are few, if any parallels to the sound of the Woohoo Revue. I caught their CD launch at the HiFi bar in Melbourne last month. It was a raging party of circus performers, swing dancers and fantastic music. The albums is great, but you must see them live to appreciate the full package they have on offer.

The Empty Cup – Perth, Western Australia

Tony Lendrum, State Manager: Brian Kruger is a Perth-based freestyle hip-hop artist who has brought together a group of musicians to form a deliciously layered musical feast called the Empty Cup. Their debut single, “Reposte For JL” (John Lennon), plays the highly articulate vocal wizardry of Kruger off against the wonderfully ethereal musical backdrop provided by the rest of the Empty Cup. If you want hip-hop with style, class and yet without the familiarity of a thousand other wannabes who have trodden the well worn(out) path of those that have gone before, give your ears an early Christmas present and head on over to the Empty Cup.