The Antlers – Photo by Emily Korn

Last night at (Le) Poisson Rouge, The Antlers vocalist Peter Silberman kept the audience captivated with a blend of sorrowful narratives from Hospice as well as more elevated jams from the band’s most recent effort, the optimistic Burst Apart. The band was energetic, but with world-weary motions, giving off the aura of a trio of ex-athletes who have seen more of the world than they ever cared to see.
Supporting The Antlers’ soulful montage was Dave Harrington, a jazzy multi-instrumentalist who kept the audience on its toes with his frequent genre-hopping. The show was also billed as an LPR Fifth Anniversary Concert, so it was a celebration of sorts. And with The Antlers showing off their sonic evolution and Harrington eschewing practicality, celebration was indeed in the air.
Photos by Emily Korn.
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