The team at Terrorbird Media is expanding its business to include publishing for its artists through Terrorbird Publishing. This sector of the business will take an artist-centric approach, allowing its clients to maintain full ownership of their copyrights—something not typical of most publishing contracts—while Terrorbird takes care of the administrative aspects and finds placements and new opportunities for the works.

Five signings mark the launch of the publishing branch, adding Deer Tick and Middle Brother‘s John McCauley to its roster, along with Deerhoof, Kyle Andrews, Rainbow Arabia and the Thermals.

“The idea of starting a publishing division was naturally born out of our sync licensing successes and our constant drive to do whatever we can to help the careers of our artists,” co-founder Jess Caragliano tells CMJ. “We wanted to offer an option where the artist had no risk of getting lost within a huge roster, and where the artist could feel comfortable coming to us with any and all questions.” In expanding to publishing, Caragliano also explains that it streamlined the clearance process for sync licenses, which are necessary to perform an artist’s music alongside a visual medium such as use in a commercial, TV show or film.

Lauren Ross, Terrorbird’s director of licensing, joins Caragliano in launching this aspect of the business, aiming to empower artists by allowing them to maintain the rights and full control of their works. In addition, the media company has partnered with Powis Music Limited in order to maintain Terrorbird’s attention on music while broadening its reach as a publishing company. “We found that perfect match with Powis Music Limited, and we are very excited about the opportunities and services we are able to offer our clients,” says Caragliano.