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Although Tennis’s low-fi surfer pop sound is entertaining and fun to dance to, making the hour long set fly by, the band was very awkward on stage. The members rarely looked at each other when playing, staying each to his or her own little bubble, moving very rigidly. This tour might be only a week in, but Tennis spent the first four and a half months of the years doing shows all over the globe. Imagine a guy working out every day for four months then stopping for two and trying to work out again; he would be a little stiff too.
There were moments of life to the set. Whenever band members switched instruments suddenly the entire group was revitalized for at least half a song, moving more fluidly and with excitement. Also, when the band played a song they had originally written for the Twilight soundtrack but was never used, singer Alaina Moore spoke over the lead-in, “Fog moves across the Pacific Northwest,” making herself giggle and loosening the whole crowd up.
At the beginning of the encore a girl in the audience cried out for the band to play their cover of Broadcast’s “Tears In The Typing Pool,” to which Alaina sincerely apologized for not being able to play the song by heart, promising to play it next time the band came to town. This set the stage for the entire encore to be full of the vitality that the rest of the set lacked. Tennis may be creaking, but its gears are definitely being greased.
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