Tegan And Sara – Photo by Annie Lesser

Tegan And Sara are the kind of performers who go out of their way to connect with their audience. Before the show, they had a small meet-and-greet with a few fans, including a pair of high school sisters who looked up to the duo as role models for themselves and a woman in her 40s who seemed to appreciate what the two had done for the LGBTQ community. The front row of the audience had been lined up outside the entire day, one girl saying she had been there since 7 a.m. despite having been up until 3 a.m. the night before.
The pair came onstage to thunderous applause. A few songs in, the Quin sisters said they’d be playing a lot of old songs, which received even louder claps than when they first hit the stage. Slightly less cheering came when the girls said they’d be playing some new songs off the band’s recent album, Heartthrob, as well, to which Tegan, the more talkative of the two that evening, said, “We’ll win you over.”
Later Tegan talked about how her mom keeps calling and forcing her to listen as she reads reviews of the new record over the phone. Tegan continued to say that people often come up to her on the street and say that the group’s 2007 record, The Con, got them through hard times in their lives and how she always appreciated hearing that. Now though, when this happens she thinks, “God fucking Christ! We’re never gonna write a record as good as that!”
Tegan introduced “Where Does The Good Go” by saying that if the audience sang along to it, they had to really feel it. She then recounted a story about being in the fifth grade and having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day give her a rose and a handful of money, which he slapped on her desk, to her dismay but to the delight of her onlooking classmates.
For “Not Tonight,” Tegan begged everyone to stop screaming so loud, and not to even sing along, so Sara could hear herself play the acoustic guitar. Every time she spoke though, it just goaded the crowd into cheering louder. “I feel like I’m at a Justin Bieber concert!” Tegan giggled. Finally she got everyone to promise not to sing and cheer, and they played to just a few small squeals.
During the encore, the pair explained that a lot of the people in their band and crew had fallen ill recently, including Sara, who earlier that week had not been able to perform at all during a live session. Tegan ended up having to perform the entire show by herself, and she explained that it felt like they had “Fallen in a well.” Thankfully, the energy of the L.A. audience helped them to crawl out of it.
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